Earth Quake Support

When a devastating earthquake struck Mirpur, Azad Jammu and Kashmir in 2019, Kashmir Citizen Helping Trust (KCHT) swiftly mobilized to support those affected. Led by Chairman Danial Shahab Madni, who also serves as Secretary General of Markazi Jammiat Ahlehadith AJ&K (MJAAJK), the organization sprang into action.
A high-level delegation, including MJAAJK Senior Vice President Syed Attiq Ur Rehman Shah and Vice President Mr. Idress Mughal Advocate, personally visited the affected areas. This hands-on approach ensured aid reached those most in need.
KCHT and MJAAJK joined forces to provide immediate relief, distributing dry food packs and other essential supplies to earthquake victims. Going beyond immediate needs, KCHT also established free medical camps, offering crucial healthcare services to the affected community.
These images capture the spirit of our relief efforts – from on-ground assessments to the distribution of aid and provision of medical care. They showcase KCHT’s commitment to swift, comprehensive, and compassionate disaster response, reinforcing our role as a pillar of support in times of crisis.”