Flood In Pakistan

In the wake of the devastating floods that swept across Pakistan in 2022, Kashmir Citizen Helping Trust (KCHT) launched a prompt and comprehensive Rescue & Relief Operation. Demonstrating leadership and compassion, KCHT Chairman Danial Shahab Madni personally visited Dera Ghazi Khan, collaborating with Senator Hafiz Dr. Abdul Kareem, Secretary General of Markazi Jammiat Ahlehadith Pakistan and Former Federal Minister.
This strategic partnership amplified KCHT’s impact, enabling the distribution of critical supplies to flood victims in the Dera Ghazi Khan area. Our aid packages included essential dry food packs, warm blankets, mosquito nets, sanitation kits, and other vital necessities, addressing both immediate needs and longer-term health concerns.
These images capture KCHT’s commitment in action—from high-level coordination to on-ground distribution, showcasing our dedication to supporting fellow citizens in times of crisis. This initiative exemplifies KCHT’s ethos of rapid response, effective collaboration, and unwavering support for communities in need, reinforcing our role as a pillar of humanitarian aid in Pakistan