Qurbani Projects

On the blessed occasion of Eid ul Adha, Kashmir Citizen Helping Trust (KCHT) continues its noble tradition of sacrifice and sharing. Embodying the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and the Islamic principle of compassion, KCHT performs Qurbani in various areas of Muzaffarabad, both remote and urban. This sacred act not only fulfills a religious obligation but also spreads joy among deserving families, ensuring they too can partake in the festivities of Eid.
These images capture the essence of our Qurbani project – from the solemn act of sacrifice to the distribution of meat in diverse communities. By extending this act of worship into a means of community support, KCHT strives to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and uplift those in need. Through this initiative, we aim to reflect the true spirit of Eid ul Adha: sacrifice, generosity, and unity in faith.”